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MOMENTO CON | Pittsburgh, PA

A dealer table can sell any type of merchandise; specifically, commercial merchandise that was not produced solely by the dealer. Such items include: DVD’s, Comic Books (Marvel/DC), HeroClix, Trading Cards, Board Games, etc.

Food vendors are also considered “dealers” and should purchase a dealer table if they intend on selling any type of commercial and/or homemade food goods.

NOTICE: Bootleg recordings and other bootleg material are strictly prohibited. Specifically, DVD’s, Blu-rays, music, etc.

  • Starting at $250 for a single table
  • 10% OFF purchases of 2 tables ($225/ea)
  • 20% OFF purchases of 3 or more tables ($200/ea)
  • 10’ x 10’ floor space per table
  • Two exhibitor badges per table
  • One 8’ x 30” unskirted table per each space

Dealer Tables

An artist table can only sell merchandise that they solely created and/or have the exclusive intellectual property or copyrights to the merchandise.

No commercial merchandise is allowed to be sold at an artist table. Artist table items include: self-published books, homemade jewelry, freelance artwork, indie films, etc.

  • Starting at $125/ea
  • 10’ x 10’ floor space
  • One 8’ x 30” unskirted table
  • One exhibitor badge

Artist Tables

The Team at Momento Con wants to embrace the many talented individuals who dedicated countless hours to their craft of cosplay and their intricate labors of love.

We want to encourage and promote those skillful and passionate lovers of fandom by providing them with a space to share their inspiration and imagination.

This is why we are offering all cosplayers a very special deal if they wish to participate in our 'cosplay summit' at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh on {Event Date}.

  • Starting at $30/ea
  • One 8’ x 30” unskirted table
  • One exhibitor badge

Cosplay Tables

Order Cosplay Tables Here

Forgot to order extra badges for your table helpers after purchasing your table(s)?
No problem, you can order extra exhibitor badges here.

You must have already ordered your dealer or artist table(s) if you want to purchase additional exhibitor badge(s).

  • Starting at $50/ea